About Us


Ken Carlson Shop Manager

Ken and Kate live in Squamish so they can be close to the great outdoors! Ken has extensive experience with specialty industrial coatings. Over the years, He has detailed luxury yachts, refurbished cars for both Via Rail and Skytrain – and refinished interiors of Airbus and 747 jumbo jets. Ken is very detail-oriented and strongly believes a job should be done right the first time! Nothing leaves our shop without being carefully checked during Ken's Quality Control inspection. Ken's interests are skiing, diving, fishing, and mountain biking.


Ron Carlson Sales Manager

Ron and Tina reside in North Delta with their younger son Daryl. Ron enjoyed a long career in logistics and international business, and he has always been involved in sales and marketing. Ron has taught both International Marketing and Electronic Commerce at B.C.I.T. He strongly believes in relationship-selling and providing a value-added service. Ron prefers to develop friendly, long-term, mutually-profitable partnerships. Ron’s interests are hiking, camping, reading, environmental issues, history, and gardening. GIVE US A TRY - MANY ALREADY HAVE! Our glass can be found at many local job sites. Numerous glass shops and glazing contractors depend on us. Our painted glass can also be seen in Alberta and on Vancouver Island.